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Postgres Character types

From postgres doc — for educational purpose

Mysql Character types


$ git clone ~/.jenvor$ brew install jenv

Installing Java

An organisation is a soil — every candidate is a seed

Photo by from Pexels
  • There are different kinds of soil and different kinds of seeds
  • Not every kind of soil is suitable for every kind of seed
  • In an interview, the intend is to select the right seed for the given soil.
  • Of course, we need quality soil and quality seed. Quality of a soil is relative to seed. For…

Local standalone spark cluster

./sbin/ spark://<system_name>:7077
# Once done, we could stop all of them
  • Having a master and worker based local setup is handy to simulate different needs & life cycle of spark application.
  • We can fine tune how spark application is submitted to the cluster, different parameters and configuration passed.

Persisting application events for debugging

spark = (…

CAP theorem

Server sent events

pip install sse-starlette




Example use case:

Problem statement

Different approaches

  • using globals()
  • using Variables
  • generating python files using templates — this is the one we are going to discuss

Using globals()

for i in range(10)…

High level flow


Jenkins pipeline

Jenkins pipeline script

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