Tools to generate license details of project dependencies

At times, we need to give management team a list of libraries that are used in a project with license details.

Python project

I found pip-licenses very handy to generate a easy to read license details of all the dependencies that we have in pip.

which will generate, for example, a proper markdown. Example:

| Name   | Version | License |
| Django | 2.0.2 | BSD |
| pytz | 2017.3 | MIT |

Different options available and their usage details are described here

JavaScript project

There is a huge list of tools to accomplish our needs with different output style, settings, configurations etc.Tools that I found useful:


  • The output format is very simple. Sometimes we may need a rich format.
  • Not lot of detailed fields. Very minimalistic


  • Output format looks very neat.
  • Easy for management users to review.
  • More detailed fields are available
  • Slowly getting good community’s attention. At the time of writing, 245 Github stars.
  • Not able to filter only prod dependencies.


  • More detailed fields are available.
  • Output format looks neat.
  • compared to legally, community’s attention is less as of now.
  • ability to filter prod

To generate dependency license details using legally

this will generate a high level license details for the whole project something like:

sample legally output

To generate dependency module specific license details:

This will generate something like this:

Generate using ‘license-report’

I like the ability to show only licenses for production dependencies. Command to generate production dependencies and licenses :

sample generated output

license-report provides other output formats (table, json etc) and capability to view licenses of dev dependencies as well. Please visit the links below for detailed configuration tips.

Drawback: As of now, I am unable to see ways to configure fields required. So I need to generate csv and open it in excel or equivalent to remove the unwanted fields.

Links to the above mentioned tools

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